Crossback Dress - Zebra

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Cheeky cut and still so elegant and comfy to wear. Flattering for many different body shapes. Fabric pattern is handprinted with screen print and the patch prints are handprinted with flex-foils. Everything will be produced especially for you! 

- S/M and L/XL (sizing below)
- 18 different colors
- ready to ship in 4-6 weeks
- zebra and uni black cotton jersey
- zebra cross and arrow prints
- adjustable straps
- loosely falling black viscose jersey

100% handcrafted 
80% Cotton 20% Elastane
95% Viskose, 5% Elastane

Metal-elements are covered with nickel. If you are allergic to this material, feel free to contact me right after your purchase, and I will replace some elements with black acrylic elements.(contact me via e-mail, facebook or instagram, make sure you add your order number to your request) 

Please keep in mind that colors may vary a little bit! I try my best to show all my colors as close as possible to the colors in real life. 

VAT free due to small business regulation
Umsatzsteuerfrei aufgrund Kleinunternehmerregelung