Dark Denim Vest - UNISEX

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only 3 of each size available! 
Dark Grey, used look Denim Vest with black screenprints and black handbrushed outlines, available in S/M and L/XL
(detailed measurements below)

The black screenprints are spread over the whole vest, even on the inside, but they are very subtle. You see different prints in different lightning which give that Vest an elegant punky look. Check out all product pictures to find all details of this dope vest. 

The Vest has 4 pockets, so you have enough space to storage your whole stuff. To get a more „techwear“ vibe, I added some acrylic buckles, rings and black straps. On both shoulders you will also find black metal carabiners.

It’s 100% handmade in Austria, and 100% cotton denim.

It has a unisex form, that means it’s slightly bigger than usual female sizes. Tiny and skinny ladies…. only buy this vest, when you are into oversized cuts.  

VAT free due to small business regulation

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